Our staff is totally dedicated to the mission of this organization. They are "all in" all of the time and give themselves sacrificially to make Worn Again, Too the best experience possible. Whether our guests are thrifting, in need of support or encouragement or just having a cup of coffee, our staff is the key to our success.

Below is volunteering categories that you, a group, organization, or business can sign up for with Worn Again, Too.

Current volunteering opportunities 
» Greeters
» T-shirt bag makers
» Recycling help
» Intake sorting 

» Inventory stocking

» Kitchen help/ Wednesday meal help

» Housekeeping


Role: Bag maker, inventory

Fun Fact: She has a beautiful voice and sings while she works 

Have items to donate?

Current Needs List


Role: Organization and inventory

Fun Fact: He is a wiz with putting lego sets together 

WA2 would like to offer volunteering jobs to anyone in the special needs community regardless of age. We have a great supportive staff and a job coach on site. We accept any disabled or special need individual regardless of their ability. Whether its a few hours a week or daily, we would love to have you join our team and share your talents and abilities. 


Role: Kitchen Staff

Fun Fact: Is a friend to all


Contact Juli Wood for information and scheduling. 

Who is Worn Again, Too?

Drop Your Donations Off Today! Stop by our full-service receiving center located on the red door at the east side of the building. We are open for donations during open business hours. We'll even help you unload your car and give you a tax-deductible.




Role: Job Coach

Fun Fact: She speaks Canadianese 


Role: On site Fashionista

Fun Fact: Has a keen eye for putting together outfits for any occasion 

Butterfly Initiative 

Meet Our Butterflies

Worn Again, Too provides thousands of items each year to those in need. We appreciate your support in helping us to provide each and every day.