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Volunteers keep the WA2 organization running. Contact us today for ways you or your organization can help! WA2 also provides options for community service hours Call 309-473-3800 or email Tracy at TracyFWA2@gmail.com

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"'This place is a treasure" 

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​There are so many ways to contribute to helping WA2.

Thank You! Without your help, we wouldn't be who we are today!

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​Restoring hope, one person at a time

   Who is Worn Again, Too

                   -6 Paid Staff - 8 Full time volunteers - Average 50 community volunteers monthly​ - 5 Board Members

Together, we ca make a difference

WA2 offers volunteering jobs to anyone in the special needs community regardless of age. We have a great supportive staff and a job coach on site. We accept any disabled or special need individual regardless of their ability. Whether its a few hours a week or daily, we would love to have you join our team and share your talents and abilities. 

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Our staff is totally dedicated to the mission of this organization. They are "all in" all of the time and give themselves sacrificially to make Worn Again, Too the best experience possible. Whether our guests are thrifting, in need of support or encouragement, or just having a cup of coffee, our staff is the key to our success.

What sets them apart is that they strive to learn every guest's name and to show care and love to everyone.

Contact Juli Wood for information and scheduling. 

Mission Statement

Worn Again, Too exists to provide low cost/ no cost goods and clothing to all people regardless of ability to pay.

To provide free meals to the hungry and to provide emergency relief in the event of a disaster or displacement. 

Together, we can make a difference

Butterfly Initiative 


Chat N Chew Community Meals

Every Wednesday, WA2's Chat n Chew serves a community meal that is low cost/ no cost. Each month on average of 500 homemade meals are prepared and served by a volunteers to individuals of the community and surround area. 

In 2010, Chuck and Barb Anthony traveled to Mississippi to help with recovery efforts after hurricane Katrina. While there, they witnessed first hand the ways a second hand store can help its community in times of dire need. They brought that idea back with them and opened the doors of Worn Again, too October 1, 2011.

Beginning with just 1,400 square feet in an old abandoned store, the mission of Worn Again, Too caught on quickly in Heyworth. Over the last 10 Years, it has grown from the original space to over 14,000 square feet.

In 2013, Chuck and Barb realized the need of a replacement for Meals on Wheels and started Chat n Chew Cafe. The staff grew from just Chuck and Barb to more than a dozen people who work tirelessly to keep ahead of demand.